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Perzephone's Vault

Perzephone Valo
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. †† {About me} ††.

† Name: Mariana Sandoval
† Nicknames: Perzephone Perze, Kore
† Age: 20 years.
† B.day: December 7th
† Sign : Sagittarius

Complaint about rubbish.

~ Things to do before dying:
Go to a TVXQ live.
Travel to Finland.
Travel to Japan .
Travel to England.
Learn martial arts.
Learn bow and sword techniques.
Buy and owl, cat or Alaska dog.
Tattoo myself
Write a book
Buy DVD of Malice Mizer "Bois de Merveilles" Concert
Read "the Oxford Book of Death"
Finish all the Final Fantasy games
Leanr German
Learn Finnish
Learn Japanese* (doin' it)
Learn Korean* (doin' it)
Dance Pump It Up in Mode Nightmare
Perform at a Theatre
Live in an ancient house
Get a victorian dress
Get a human skull
Read and finish all the Anne Rice books
Taste the 147 Pocky flavorss!
Lose my virginity XD
Reach inmortality~!